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Vet Services
  • Cedar Tree: 333-7707
  • Endsmeet: 236 3292
  • Endsmeet (After Hours): 694-0703
  • Ettrick: 236-0007


CATs Bermuda Limited is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-based organization formed in 2017 dedicated to looking after the homeless cat population in Bermuda.


  • Feeding stations for homeless cats
  • TNR (trap, neuter, release)
  • Kitten foster program
  • Adoption program for tamed, unwanted, abandoned, homeless cats and kittens
  • Assisting people with options to spay and neuter their pet cats

Together with you we save lives

CATs Bermuda Limited is a registered Bermuda charity. Its main purpose is to control the feral cat population in Bermuda by means of the trap, test, spay/neuter & release programme. CATs seeks an overall decrease in the number of feral cats in Bermuda.