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Vet Services
  • Cedar Tree: 333-7707
  • Endsmeet: 236 3292
  • Endsmeet (After Hours): 694-0703
  • Ettrick: 236-0007


CATs Bermuda Limited is a registered Bermuda charity (Charity number 986) run by a small but dedicated group of volunteers with a vision of controlling and helping Bermuda’s stray and abandoned cats.

The goal of CATs is to look after the welfare of the homeless cat population in Bermuda via a volunteer community based feeding program and basic health care.

CATs aims to:

  • Monitor disease and provide basic health care amongst the homeless cat colonies, including spaying and neutering.
  • Coordinate volunteer feeders to feed homeless cats at recognized feeding stations throughout Bermuda.
  • Assist when possible with TNR (trapping, test, spay/neuter and release).
  • Collaborate with other local and international organizations with similar aims.
  • Provide community advice on issues relating to stray and abandoned cats.
  • Foster public education concerning feline issues.