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CATs voice mail:
or 291-2322

Picture of Cat with Telephone

Office: 236-7333
Emergency: 737-1108

Endsmeet Animal Hospital
168 Middle Road, Devonshire
Phone 236-3292
Emergency: 694-0703
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 12:30pm

Ettrick Animal Hospital
75 Middle Road, Warwick
Phone 236-0007
Emergency 236-0007 press 1
Hours of Operation
Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm

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CATs Bermuda Limited

CATs Bermuda Limited is a registered Bermuda charity. Its main purpose is to control the feral cat population in Bermuda by means of the trap, test, spay/neuter & release programme. CATs seeks an overall decrease in the number of feral cats in Bermuda.

Our Background

The Board of CATs Bermuda Limited seeks to clarify the relationship between Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau (BFAB) and CATs Bermuda Limited. They are two different and separate entities. We can confirm that BFAB which was formed in 1992 was dissolved in 2017. However, a group of volunteers believed that the work that BFAB had previously carried out to care for the homeless and free roaming cats in Bermuda was too important to stop. They could not in good conscience leave hundreds of cats who were supported by BFAB to starve to death. Therefore, in 2017 they incorporated a new non-profit company called CATs Bermuda Limited (Cat Assistance & Trapping services), in order to provide the much needed community services that BFAB used to offer.

The Board of CATs Bermuda Limited would like to thank the old BFAB volunteers for their years of unwavering service to the homeless and free roaming cats of Bermuda. Considering that a pair of breeding cats and their offspring could, in theory, produce up to 50 cats in a two year period, over the 25 years that BFAB were in operation they stopped the homeless cat population from increasing by thousands!

CATs Bermuda Limited believe that unfortunately there are many people who still do not spay and/or neuter their pet cats are adding to the homeless cat population, and therefore, a need still exists for the community services that CATs Bermuda provides. As well as providing basic food and health needs for homeless cats, CATs Bermuda will continue to help the public with spaying and neutering homeless and loosely owned cats as and when we can. However, as the charity relies solely on donations from the public; CATs Bermuda can only offer its spaying and neutering to the public as and when funding allows. We are 100% run by volunteers so all funds raised go towards spaying and neutering, food and basic medical costs for the cats.

CATs Bermuda hope the public will continue to support the new charity so they can continue to offer these essential services to the Bermuda community. If you would like any additional information or need help with homeless cats, please leave a message on our hot-line 291-2322 and a volunteer will call you back.

CATs Bermuda Limited Board of Directors

Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal.